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  • Lecture No. 3:  Fluxus Scores
    Lecture No. 3: Fluxus Scores
    May 19, 12:00 PM EDT
    Perry Garvin revisits FLUXCONCERT, a group he established in 2008 to perform original instruction works and historic event scores by Fluxus artists. Media Farzin speaks about a historic Fluxus exhibition she co-curated at the Museum for Contemporary Art Roskilde.
  • When Algorithms Are Making Waves
    When Algorithms Are Making Waves
    May 27, 12:30 PM EDT
    Art and Sociology Meeting Artist Gaëtan Robillard invites scientist Olivier Bonin for an online video conference. This exchange pursues an artistic investigation of climate change, society and the way algorithms shape the understanding of both natural and human environment.
  • Political act of Cyberformance
    Political act of Cyberformance
    May 30, 12:00 PM EDT
    Cyber Guerrilla Theatre This research examines the political engagement of a performance and its relation to street protests based on how that guerrilla theater and protests can take place in cyberspace.

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